13 June 2015

Russians and Chinese Allegedly Access 1 Million Snowden Documents


The Sunday Times, 14 June 2015

British spies betrayed to Russians and Chinese

Tom Harper, Richard Kerbaj and Tim Shipman Published: 14 June 2015

RUSSIA and China have cracked the top-secret cache of files stolen by the fugitive US whistleblower Edward Snowden, forcing MI6 to pull agents out of live operations in hostile countries, according to senior officials in Downing Street, the Home Office and the security services.

Western intelligence agencies say they have been forced into the rescue operations after Moscow gained access to more than 1m classified files held by the former American security contractor, who fled to seek protection from Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, after mounting one of the largest leaks in US history.

Senior government sources confirmed that China had also cracked the encrypted documents, which contain details of secret intelligence techniques and information that could allow British and American spies to be identified.

One senior Home Office official accused Snowden of having “blood on his hands”, although Downing Street said there was “no evidence of anyone being harmed”.

Sir David Omand, the former director of GCHQ, said the news that Russia and China had access to Snowden’s material was a “huge strategic setback” that was “harming” to Britain, America and their Nato allies.

Snowden, a former contractor at the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA), downloaded 1.7m secret documents from western intelligence agencies in 2013 and released details of sensitive surveillance programmes to the media.

In an interview filmed in Hong Kong in which he unmasked himself as the source, Snowden said he acted out of a desire to protect “privacy and basic liberties” and claimed the NSA and GCHQ were operating mass surveillance programmes that targeted hundreds of millions of innocent people.

Last week a report by David Anderson QC, announced after Snowden’s disclosures, concluded the intelligence agencies should retain their powers for the “bulk collection” of communications data, but that the power to issue warrants for intrusive surveillance should be stripped from ministers and handed to judges.

Two weeks after his initial leak in June 2013, Snowden fled Hong Kong for Moscow where he claimed political asylum. He has remained under the protection of Putin’s regime since.

In an email to a sympathetic US senator in July 2013 Snowden claimed that “no intelligence service” could “compromise the secrets I continue to protect”, saying he was trained in techniques that would “keep such information from being compromised even in the highest threat counter-intelligence environments (ie. China)”.

However, since he exposed western intelligence-gathering methods, the security services have reported increasing difficulty in the monitoring of terrorists and other dangerous criminals via digital communications including email, phone contact, chat rooms and social media.

And last night David Cameron’s aides confirmed the material was now in the hands of spy chiefs in Moscow and Beijing.

A senior Downing Street source said: “It is the case that Russians and Chinese have information. It has meant agents have had to be moved and that knowledge of how we operate has stopped us getting vital information. There is no evidence of anyone being harmed.”

The confirmation is the first evidence that Snowden’s disclosures have exacted a human toll. “Why do you think Snowden ended up in Russia?” said a senior Home Office source. “Putin didn’t give him asylum for nothing. His documents were encrypted but they weren’t completely secure and we have now seen our agents and assets being targeted.”

A British intelligence source said: “We know Russia and China have access to Snowden’s material and will be going through it for years to come, searching for clues to identify potential targets.

“Snowden has done incalculable damage. In some cases the agencies have been forced to intervene and lift their agents from operations to prevent them from being identified and killed.”

Omand said the leaked information would enable China and Russia to plug any of their intelligence capability gaps and warned that could spark “a global intelligence arms race”.

“I have no doubt whatever that programmes are being launched and money is being spent to try and catch up,” he said. “That’s probably true not just of China and Russia but a number of other nations who have seen some of this material to be published.

“I am not at all surprised that people are being pulled back and operations where people are exposed are having to be shut down, at least for the moment.”

A US intelligence source said the damage done by Snowden was “far greater than what has been admitted”.

It is not clear whether Russia and China stole Snowden’s data, or whether he voluntarily handed over his secret documents in order to remain at liberty in Hong Kong and Moscow.

David Miranda, the boyfriend of the Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was seized at Heathrow in 2013 in possession of 58,000 “highly classified” intelligence documents after visiting Snowden in Moscow.

During the ensuing court hearing Oliver Robbins, then deputy national security adviser in the Cabinet Office, said that the release of the information “would do serious damage to UK national security, and ultimately put lives at risk”.

Eventually the High Court ruled there was “compelling evidence” that stopping Miranda was “imperative in the interests of national security” and publishing the documents would endanger lives.


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Google real-time coverage:


This is an English translation of Arthur De Grave's interview in French. Cross-posted from OuiShare. Translation by Clement Defontaine.

Michel Bauwens is one of the pioneers of the peer-to-peer movement. Theoretician, activist, and public speaker, he founded the P2P Foundation in 2005. His work, both rich and complex, is built around the concepts of networks and commons, and lays the conceptual foundations of a production system that would serve as an alternative to industrial capitalism. I had the opportunity to meet him at the French release of his latest book, Saving the World: Towards a Post-Capitalist Society with Peer-to-Peer (published by “Les Liens qui Libèrent”).

Michel, Save the World, your last book, is the translation of a series of talks with Jean Lievens published two years ago. What happened between then? Do you have the impression that the transition you talk about has accelerated?

In this regard, one should make haste slowly. It is clear that the transition to a post-capitalist, sustainable economy will not happen overnight, or even in a few years. It is a long process. Some projects which seemed to work well according to a peer-to-peer logic one or two years ago have since become purely capitalistic. This enables them to grow faster. It contrasts with other more open and truly collaborative projects that have chosen to grow more slowly.

When one has no money, one takes on "solidarity dynamics". So yes, it can give an impression of a relative stagnation, but I do not worry too much. For this is a major crisis, ecological, social and economic, looming on the horizon. The challenge is to be ready when it breaks out, probably around 2030. FairCoop, WikiSpeed… These kinds of projects are still small and yes, too few. In the coming years, those who are still only the seeds of this transition will have to develop a stable ecosystem, in order to initiate a real movement.

In an interview with us in 2013, you stated that capitalism and peer-to-peer were still interdependent. Isn't that the real problem? Is this a stable relationship?

No, of course not, how could it be? The value generated by the Commons is still largely captured by capital: by adopting extractive models, large platforms of the sharing economy are engaged in a form of parasitic commercial activity. In the old days, capitalism was a way of allocating resources in a situation of scarcity, but now it is an engineered scarcity system. Our system is completely mad: we pretend that natural resources are endless, and we set artificial barriers around what is abundant in nature, i.e.: creativity and human intelligence. This is a profound moral issue.

In her book Owning Our Future: The Emerging Ownership Revolution, Marjorie Kelly aptly defines the challenge that awaits us: moving from extractive capital to generative capital. The good news is that this process has already started. First of all, because it is impossible to hide the fact that civil society has now become a value creator. This is an important point, as civil society was mostly absent from the "classic" capitalist equation. In addition, we are beginning to witness a change in market structures: commercial spheres of a new kind are developing around the Commons. Enspiral [a collaborative network of social entrepreneurs], in New Zealand, is the perfect example of this type of entrepreneurial coalition.

In your opinion, how could the peer-to-peer model free itself from capitalism in practical terms?

For a start, we should choose the right strategy. I think that despite all the good intentions, projects that aspire to compete head-to-head with Google or Facebook are doomed to fail. I believe much more in targeted approaches like Loomio [an online tool for collaborative decision-making, editor's note]. The transition will be a sum of such small victories that will connect with each other.

This also requires the creation of new legal tools. We have completely forgotten the tradition of Commons and this is really obvious in our legal tradition. We must make room for legal innovation. In this regard, a principle like the copyleft, or the opposite, the copysol [a license that prohibits any interaction with the traditional commercial market, editor's note] are interesting but imperfect as they are too radical (in their implications). I want to find a third way, one that would provide a balance between the commercial sphere and the Commons. This is the goal of the work we began around the notion of Peer Production License, which balances out contribution to the Commons and use of these.

Will that be enough? Those in the hands of which capital is concentrated today have no interest in the emergence of a distributed and fair model...

No revolution ever happened without a fraction of the ruling elite take the side of progress! This means that a cultural shift is needed. Today, Joe Justice [founder of the Wikispeed community] struggles to raise funds, including from ethical finance funds, as Wikispeed does not file patents. The world of responsible finance can not continue to support models that create artificial scarcity.

As I was saying earlier, when one lacks resources, one works with other people. For initiatives of the Commons economy, building a network is an absolute necessity. To get an idea of what this kind of ecosystem might look like, go to Madison, Wisconsin: there, food cooperatives, cooperative credit systems between companies, time banks, etc. gathered to create the Mutual Aid Network. In Madison, the alternative economy can be seen and felt in the streets and took less than two years to happen! The same kind of ambition drove an initiative like Faircoop in Spain.

For now, the main transformative ideas that are penetrating the economy - open economy, solidarity economy and ecology - are applied independently from each other. But when these ideas converge, we will witness the birth of an open source and circular economy. This concept of Open Source Circular Economy is at the heart of the debate we are conducting within the P2P Foundation.

I have the feeling that, by focusing on economy and leaving aside the political processes, we have given in to the calls of technological solutionism criticized by Evgeny Morozov. What do you think? Should we relearn to do politics?

Yes, in some ways, but what matters is that politics ended up re-imposing itself through collective learning. The Commons Transition Platform in which I am very involved, gathers and details the political transformation plans necessary for the implementation of a post-capitalist society. This is also the idea of the approach we applied with the FLOK project in Ecuador. The devised political transition plan which included civil society at the centre of public-value creation, a market sphere integrating external factors and a State that serves as a facilitator. FLOK was a partial failure, due to a lack of political will and lack of social base on which to lean for support, however, the political vision we have outlined is making its way to Europe (some proposals have been included within the economic program of Syriza in Greece).


Occupy Wall Street and the Indignados eventually lost momentum. The Arab Spring was, for the most part, led astray. In Spain, Podemos movement attempts to maintain a balance between bottom-up and vertical power, but at the expense of permanent tensions. How can one overcome the contradiction between the institutional logic intertwined with political practices and horizontality, a concept cherished by social movements?

To transfer a concept in real-life conditions on the long term following a pure horizontal logic is very complicated, if not downright impossible. At one time or another, a collective entity has to intervene to transcend individual interests. This also forms part of the collective learning of politics that we had to do. This is also the goal of Podemos' experience in Spain. A fully horizontal organization system causes too much energy loss; conversely, the vertical system should be confined to areas where it guarantees a greater degree of autonomy for everyone. A bit like the Domain Name System when Internet appeared.

Are the Commons a left-wing idea?

Politically, the P2P Foundation is a pluralistic organization, simply because the logic underlying the Commons spans the entire political spectrum. Solidarity also exists within right-wing parties, some ideas in the ideology of the Front National (French extreme right-wing party, translator's note) could even be considered as more socialist than what the Parti Socialiste (French socialist party, translator's note) offers today. But the real question is: who benefits from this solidarity? Right-wing parties only show real solidarity with their supporters! So it's on the issue of inclusion that the real fault line between right and left comes to light.

It is on the issue of inclusion that the real fault line between right and left comes to light.

Personally, I have left-wing ideas, and I think that the transition to a Commons economy has to benefit to everyone. The real challenge is to go beyond the progressivism inherited from the world of work of the last century. In this context, it is not surprising that European socialism is going through a profound identity crisis.

It is true that none of the partisan parties really seized this idea of Commons. Was it a mistake? Can we really make this a political topic? The concept of Commons remains somewhat abstruse.

The jargon of the Commons may at first seem technical and hard to digest, which is true. But in the mid-2000s, when I created the P2P Foundation, I decided to completely give up the old political lexicon of the left. At that time, the public did not really know what was hidden behind the concept of peer-to-peer. But as social and cultural practices started evolving, as networks started being used on a daily basis, more and more people adopted this new language. The same will most likely happen with the terminology of the Commons.

All will depend on the social movements that will defend this original conceptual arsenal. However, I find you rather pessimistic: the Pirate Party, the European Greens, Podemos, or Syriza have largely embraced this concept of Commons. It is indeed at the core of a new progressive thinking.

Politicizing the Commons, is researching their roots and genealogy. If the law leaves so little room for the Commons today, it is because we forgot where they came from. Yet, this type of organization and management of resources existed long before modern industrial capitalism practices. We must reconnect with this tradition and rewrite this forgotten chapter in our economic history. Politicizing the Commons is also researching their roots and genealogy. It's the condition to lay the foundation of a new narrative on progress. Changing the world for the better will require considerable efforts on the part of everyone, but I think that peer-to-peer is a vision of society that is worth the sacrifice.





Michel Bauwens: The Transition Will Not Be Smooth

by Editor


Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens

Tip of the Hat to Jean Lievens.

Michel Bauwens: The Transition Will Not Be Smooth Sailing

This is an English translation of Arthur De Grave's interview in French. Cross-posted from OuiShare.

Michel Bauwens is one of the pioneers of the peer-to-peer movement. Theoretician, activist, and public speaker, he founded the P2P Foundation in 2005. His work, both rich and complex, is built around the concepts of networks and commons, and lays the conceptual foundations of a production system that would serve as an alternative to industrial capitalism. I had the opportunity to meet him at the French release of his latest book, Saving the World: Towards a Post-Capitalist Society with Peer-to-Peer (published by “Les Liens qui Libèrent”).

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June 8, 2015 is the 48th Anniversary of (lunatic) Lyndon Johnson attempting to Murder all 294 Americans on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. LBJ succeeded in murdering 34 and savagely wounding another 171, but miraculously the USS Liberty did not sink. The game plan was to murder the USS Liberty and then to blame it on Egypt and then for the USA to bomb, attack and take out Nasser of Egypt.

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9 June 2015

Guccifer Letter from Prison


From: "Matei Rosca" <mail[at]mateirosca.com>
To: "John Young" <jya[at]pipeline.com>
Subject: RE: exclusive Guccifer letters
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 07:19:19 -0700

Here's the translation of Guccifer's letter.


The electronic chronometer of the silver Sony dictaphone measured time's passing; Andy handed Guccifer a plain white business card. Above the superb calligraphy in Gothic letters of "The New York Times" logo stood written 

Andrew Higgins
Brussels Bureau Chief

and below

Room 05200 (Box 83) Block C
Residence Palace
155 Rue de la Loi
Brussels, 1040, Belgium
Office 32 2230 9848
Mobile 32 4778 33464
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the table, by the dictaphone, Andrew had tidily placed sheets of paper with articles about Guccifer, taken off the Internet. But what attracted the hacker's attention in the stack of sheets was the collection of e-mails published by the news portal "Russia Today" in the second part of the month of March, 2013.
In March 2013, Guccifer succeeded in penetrating the email accounts of Sidney "The Vicious Sid" Blumenthal, a known press man from Chicago and the person closest to the Clintons. A man with a sordid reputation, a Jew who over decades didn't spare any effort to cover up or carry out the crimes, blackmails, threats of the Clintons against political adversaries or business partners. With a simple Internet search anyone can find a multitude of articles written by American journalists about the crimes and drug dealing to which "the Clintons" have stooped in the eighties. Later, some of these journalists have disappeared or have died in suspicious accidents. F.B.I. - one of the basic "tools" of the Illuminati – "took care" that none of the crimes of the Clintons would reach justice!

Despite old age, of over 60, Sidney B. had the fresh and groomed appearance of a metrosexual. Tall, always impeccably dressed with expensive, dark-colored suits, wearing a black wig that was thick, combed with a path above the narrow forehead, the thin, plucked eyebrows arched above his small weasel eyes, the straight nose with a noble line, the thin lips of a mean man and the visible cheekbones. Plastic surgery had adjusted copiously the elderly traits of the evil character, blurring the wrinkles on his neck, ever-clutched by hard-collared shirts and elegant ties with firm knots.

Almost without prompting, Guccifer remembered an article that related punctually, with evidence, the story of the F.B.I. antiterrorist bureau chief.
During the year 2000, the FBI "asset" whose name eludes the hacker, had discovered the location of Osama Bin Laden in Yemen and asked his superiors for the capturing of the international terrorist. In short, for reasons unclear, his demand was rejected and a crime was framed on the FBI boss which got him dismissed. In the year 2001, pressed by need, the former director of the antiterrorism division was hired as a security agent at the twin towers of Manhattan, where he died under detritus on the fateful day of September 11th. The enormous irony of an American's fortune who, fighting against terrorism, ended up killed NOT by Osama Bin Laden – the "official" perpetrator of the September 11th attacks – but by the TRUE terrorists of America, who as an F.B.I. boss with access to information, he never suspected: Dick Cheney, Jeb and George Bush, George Schultz, Paul Wolfovitz, John Negroponte, George Tenet and other elite politicians as well as a faction of professionals, sappers and agents from Langley, VA. So exactly the enactors and screenwriters of the terrorist attacks over the "Twin Peaks".

Guccifer unfolded the pile of several tens of pages of emails from Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton. He remembered that, back then in March 2013, he had sent those emails to the most important publications and press agencies from Europe and across the ocean – France Pressse, Reuters, Der Spiegel, even The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph – the only ones with the brass for serial publication being "Russia Today" and "The Cryptome.ORG". Guccifer reviewed with his mind's eyes the happenings of those days.


It was the middle of March, 2013. Like every morning, at six o'clock, I was in front of the BenQ monitor. I had put on the unit and with a napkin I wiped the coffee stains on the black Logitech keyboard and on the empty surface of the table. From a white porcelain mug I drank short sips of coffee. At that time I used to drink a cup of coffee a day, which "electrified" me but it also raised my acidity.

Gabi was already gone to work, and Alexandra, my eight-year-old daughter, was sleeping peacefully.

Loyal to my habits, in the first half hour I used to read the latest mainstream and alternative international news from sites like "Rense.com", "Wikileaks", or "LiveLeak", "Pastebin" etc. Afterwards I did a rundown of the news from hacking forums, using the Mozilla browser with faster, transparent proxies. I never used my own IPs - neither for peaceful incursions or attacks – in any situation!

At 6:30 I began my "work" effectively. I reconfigured the Mozilla, Safari and Chrome browsers on elite proxies from Russia or faraway hubs in Asia. I hadn't used the "TOR" networks in years, since they were massively infiltrated by the N.S.A. and European cyber-security services. Conversely, VPNs and Russian elite-proxies ensured hackers got maximum anonymity on a virtual front where wars are waged in the deaf buzzing of servers communicating with each other in incomprehensible logarithmic languages. In global cyber architecture, the phrase "Silent Weapons for quiet wars" tends to circumscribe to the asymptotic concept and represents a truth of axiological evidence.
Utilizing these means blocked the "perspiration" of IPs towards target networks, operating system data, MAC addresses or any other data, scraps of bytes which could reveal the identity of attackers. In the accelerated dynamics of the evolution of on-line communication, some of these means become stale in "nanoseconds".

After emptying the browsing history, deletion of "cookies" and uninstalling JAVA scripts, an operation done as often as possible, I proceeded to access the electronic addresses of my victims: CIA spies, American and British politicians and influential people from big press.

After sorting and quickly going through several thousand emails in diagonal and transferring essential data on my own hard drives, I assigned with parsimony 20 minutes for the analysis of Google strings and verification of trap servers.

It was well past 7 o'clock when I opened, curiously, the XLS table which contained the contacts of Colin Luther Powell. The email and Facebook accounts of the former secretary of state in the Bush administration, currently the president of the Eisenhower Foundation – I had accessed a few days before.

From the Facebook platform of the American secretary I kept pictures, and took screen captures from the email account of Dorothy Koch Bush, the only sister of President George W. Bush. Including pictures in which Bush wears a KU-KLUX-KLAN hood!

The hacking of the Facebook page of the American secretary with over 100,000 fans/supporters had appeared that very day as news in American press. Colin Powell became the latest victim of Guccifer! The hacking took place on 11 March, a day with ritualistic meanings in Freemason and pagan calendars!

A few days after this renowned hacking, I analysed with my eyes pinned on the LCD screen the contact list – several thousand contacts – of the American state secretary. There were in those lists democratic politicians, republicans, secret service directors – MI6, SIS, CIA, NSA, NRO, DIA – alike, mentioned with physical addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, postcodes, special mentions for each individual separately, the political role, profession, and then some more useful information.

A few days before I had copied the relevant emails from the "AOL" account belonging to Powell – monitor snapshots and source emails with metadata – confidential documents, encrypted PDFs about the medical condition of the secretary of state, email exchanges with VIPs as well as with unknown persons in the USA, like for example the "epistolary romance" with the sensual blonde Corina Cretu, a European parliamentarian at that time.

(The SIE-KGB maneater was married with businessman Marius Rogoz, which didn't stop her having amorous encounters with "colored curly" in her departures abroad, financed by the Romanian taxpayer!)

An email in which a person, CEO in an important British press trust, was asking Powell to remind Tony Blair to participate in the annual meeting in California for the occult satanist organization "BOHEMIAN GROVE" made the object of a very popular article on Russia Today! To dispel any doubt, a document written and signed by hand by the ex-British Prime Minister himself was published; this document proves Tony Blair's belonging to the infamous esoteric organization, and it bears the sigil "Hacked by Guccifer".

Besides, more than a dozen articles written by journalists from "RUSSIA TODAY," with documents I supplied, had made headlines for the Russian news portal in the winter and spring of 2013.

Peering over Powell's contact book, my eyes that morning stopped over the name of luckless Blumenthal.

In my digital incursions at the top of absolute power I hit at every step over neoconservative or radical jews. After the Second World War, the jewish diaspora from the United States, profiting from the overwhelming wave of sympathy/empathy of the occidental world, has infiltrated its nationals in all the power structures of America: government, congress, secret service, federal bank, but also weapons industries, cinema industry, transnational corporations and especially press megastructures.

A fast "query" on Google returned contradictory answers about the Blumenthal character, and another inquiry on the search engine of the FBI helped to complete the profile of the "heeb".

Breaking into his email address took me a few minutes.

It wasn't necessary to use viruses that I made with some programs – CAIN and ABEL/ SUBLEGEND SEVEN. These viiruses I had kept safe from detection by the big antivirus companies – Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Symantec – for about two weeks, by modifying their structure with a hexadecimal table.
By utilizing a complex kit of social engineering and deeply accessing open-source information, a vulnerability of the email account permits the possibility of resetting the password.

Once into the core of the communications of the man who had been supporting the Clintonian crime syndicate for decades, I modified the passwords of the email accounts associated with the main account. Masked by the Russian elite proxy servers, I performed a search of possible accounts on Google, Yahoo, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, Dropbox, Hotmail – associated with the AOL account. Then I copied the IP addresses from where the journalist and CIA, covert agent, Syd Blumenthal, accessed the email server.

With an IP scanner – IP Scanner/Angry IP – I scanned the hosts and portsrts that proved dead at that time. In Chicago it was barely past midnight. In my hands, the timezone was – beyond the most powerful programs for hacking such as Xerxes, Zeus or Black Shadows – the most terrible weapon for taking down a cunning and diabolical enemy. A Wireshark network scan returned inconclusive results.

Not having perspectives to access hard drives or units for mobile connection of my "victim" I went to sorting and reading the circa 30,000 emails in his folders.

The exhaustive downloading of such a massive email box – AOL doesn't offer Drive or Cloud – several Gigabytes, was limited by the speed and reduced traffic of the proxy servers through which my communication was rooted. On the other hand, intense traffic automatically encrypted by the email server would have aroused the "suspicion" of NSA control servers, authorized as they are to operate with DIP protocols (Deep Inspection Packets). Such a server is operating illegally in Romania at least since 2009! So I went over to copying relevant emails together with the headers containing other crucial information – IP addresses, useful to future attacks over tertiary targets.

As far as the content of the emails is concerned, apart from the charts of ultra-secret CIA operations in Europe and North Africa – Libya's entropy was in full progress – and substantial dialogues between Blumenthal and various decision factors in the Near Orient and leaders of the Arab Brotherhood, by far the most fruitful "prey" I got my hands on were the CIA briefings that Sid <<unofficially>> transmitted to Hillary Clinton, then sitting on the chair of state secretary.

Before moving on, I want to say a few words about the clandestine network of secret agents that Sid developed for Hillary.

I underlined earlier the close relationship between Blumenthal and the Clinton family. In the nineties, as first counselor of Bill Clinton, Blumenthal contributed actively to covering up the Whitewater affair, an investigation started by the FBI against the Clintons. In 2009, Hillary tried to introduce Sid B into President Obama's staff, but the White House chief of cabinet, Rahm Emanuel, vehemently opposed. Blumenthal, though his attacks against Barack's person, in the election campaign of 2008, had brought grave damage to his image.
Tyler Drumheller, the chief of CIA operations in Europe, which he directed from the fifth floor in a secret building in Central London, had left "THE COMPANY" in 2005 to lay the basis of an intelligence consulting company, named after himself, Tyler Drumheller, LLC.

This obese character with the docile face of an accountant, who appears on his personal Facebook page accompanied by a beautiful and loving daughter, is the coordinator of the clandestine network of secret agents under the veil of the consulting firm and of another company – DMC Worldwide – co-founded together with Donny Murray, a known lawyer in Washington political circles, and John Caulfield, the former chief of Capitol Police.

Tyler would report the information his agents picked from all corners of the world directly to Blumenthal.

After the September 11th attacks, Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense in the Bush administration, launched over several years an ample program of privatization and outsourcing of Pentagon services, from which American companies in the private sector profited.

An eloquent example in that sense is the Company founded by the SEAL agent Erik Prince, Blackwater – now it's called XE Company – valued in 2010 to 3 billion dollars. Such mercenary organizations, along with which I would mention Dyn Corp and Triple Canopy, siphoned billions of dollars from the American state budget, employing cheaper mercenaries from Latin America to fight on the fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan. SEMPER FI.

After the military model, with the permission of Homeland Security, a bunch of secret organisations/services were founded to supply intelligence to decision spheres in Washington.

One of the most important is the organization lead by Drumheller.

In an email exchange from March 2013, Blumenthal wrote to D.:

"Thanks. Can you send me the Libya report"

Drumheller answers:

"Here is the report but please don't send it to Cody. I don't want MOIN to suspect our sources. It's about Maghreb and Libya."

Cody is the very Cody Shearer, an old "operative" of the Clintons – his brother was an ambassador under Clinton and his now-deceased sister was the wife of the White House official Strobe Talbot – a close person to Blumenthal.
"MOIN" is the nickname given by American agents to Mohamed Mansour El Kikhia, a member of the Kikhia family, a prominent Libyan clan with connections to the National Transition Council of Libya.

There's no doubt: Hillary Clinton, as state secretary, was reading daily the briefings sent by the clandestine network. Thus Hillary tells B:

"I got your message a few days ago"

As an answer to Blumenthal's email from 8 FEB. 2013:

"Just so you know (FYI), I will continue to send you relevant reports" wrote Blumenthal to Hillary.

The briefings cover a large scope of topics, from conversations German chancellor Merkel had with her Finance Minister about French president Hollande –“ marked in capitals with: "This information comes from an extremely secret source" – to the composition of the cabinet of newly-elected South Korean president. At least 10 Memorandums treat the political situation of Libya and the waiting horizons of Western Companies ready to devour Libya.

Another memo was sent to Hillary on August 23rd 2012, three weeks before the attacks of Benghazi, in which American officials found their demise. It quotes "an extremely secret source" which speaks of a series of attacks with car bombs and kidnapping foreign diplomats and other workers in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata, concluding that they were the work of Gaddafi-loyal factions.

Although the memo doesn't refer to any threats to American officials, it describes the deterioration of the security climate in the region. Clinton H. declared a few days after the Benghazi attacks that lead to four deaths and the wounding of another ten people, that the American Secret Service haven't had knowledge of the preparation of attacks.

A day after the Benghazi attacks, a chief of Libyan Security informed Libyan President Mohamed Yussef El Magariaf that the assault on the American Embassy was inspired by an anti-Muslim film made in the United States, as well as the affirmations proliferated by the political opponents of Magariaf, that he had links with the C.I.A. Quoting a "secret source", Blumenthal sent this information to Hillary on email, on September 12th.

The next day Blumenthal sent Hillary a new email entitled "new information about Magariaf". In this email it's said that Libyan officials from security structures believe that a radical group – Ansa al Shariia – has prepared the attacks a months before and that the terrorist brigade profited from the turbulence created by the demonstration to attack the American Embassy.
On October 25, 2012, in another Memo, Magariaf and the chief of staff of the Libyan Army agree that "the situation in the country is becoming increasingly dangerous and hard to control" and "much worse than western leaders can anticipate."

An email exchange from 14 May 2011 between Blumenthal and Shearer, shows that they were debating with Drumheller to hire on contract a person called "Grange" or "The General." He would send four spies in a weeklong mission in Tunis, Tunisia and "to the border and back". Tunisia neighbours Algeria and Libya.

"Sid, you did a very good job" Drumheller writes to Blumenthal.

"The cost now will be about $60,000 for business class plane tickets to Tunis, the crossing of the country to the border and back and other expenses for a week for four people."

"The General" aka "Grange" is in fact David L. Grange, a general major from the American army who lead a brigade of Special Operations of the Pentagon until 1999 when he retired. At the same time, Grange formed "Osprey Global Solutions" - a consulting firm which offers services in logistics, intelligence, paramilitary training, arms sales. This firm grasped many government contracts and is quoted as a "global partner" of the American State Department.

The mysterious "K" who would – according to Shearer's emails – be repaid for his role in the Tunis operation, seems to be a person by the name of Khalifa Al Sharif, who sent Blumenthal several emails about the situation of the Libyan civil war.

In conclusion, Hillary Clinton profited fully from the information supplied by the Blumenthal-Shearer-Drumheller-Grange clandestine network in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Especially that in 2011 and 2012 – the apex of the Libyan crisis – according to personnel lists, the American State Department didn't have a bureau chief in Libya, and in the entire Maghreb – Algeriia, Tunisia, Libya – were only two employees of the department on official duty.

All this secret information was sent to Hillary on a private email address (!) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and not on a official address like American law demands!

Only on 3.03.2015, David Mortosko from the Daily Mail wrote an ample article on the subject, entitled: "Infamous (?) Guccifer discovers the secret email address of Hillary Clinton, publishing some of her messages as White House washes its hands".

Although, two years before – thanks exclusively to my effforts – readers from the whole world had the opportunity to consullt on the sites "RUSSIA TODAY", "CRYPTOME.ORG" and "GAWKER" these briefings, which started something like this:

September 12, 2012
RE: Magariaf and the attack on US in Libya
TAGS: Hacking, Hillari Clinton, Internet, Libya, Terrorism, USA.

The humiliation to which I subjected the most terrible Secret Service in the world, THE COMPANY, to have published exclusively its briefings destined for the state secretary who covers implicitly the job of foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, in international press, on a pink background and in "comic sans" - as a CNN "anchor" remarked – was accompanied by a secret episode which I will relate now.

Let's return to the morning of March, 2013.

My window to operate inside the accounts of the Jewish fixer – Sid Blumenthal – was open until the afternoon hours, when dawn broke in Chicago.
Judging by the prolific daily activity in the email account of the old resident of the Windy City, surely he would access his accounts, after which, failing, he would phone the technical assistance service of "America Online" - the trust which had as a logo the all-seeing eye, the Eye of Horus, the eye on the back of the one dollar bill – to regain access to the account.

All of which happened.

Generally, when resetting email passwords from new IPs and subsequently attempting to access the same address from previous IPs, registered in the servers' memory, and with original passwords, an automatic mechanism of the email servers, sustained by a mathematical algorithm, blocks access to these addresses and cancels all passwords for a period of time.

The eight hours were sufficient to extract the "sap" from the safe-box of information of Vicious Sid. If I had a frustration, it was that I hadn't managed to also penetrate the Yahoo account of his son, Max, a young lizard, maker of dirty games, journalist and blogger, "righteous heir" of his father's, known whippersnapper in Chicago's high-life.

Losing control to the accounts by late afternoon, I ceased the hard wooden chair with Germanic carvings and outlays to my daughter, and at the request of my wife, who as usual came from work, I took a rake and a hoe to cull the weeds in the house's back garden.

Surely I could have regained temporary control of the Blumenthal accounts, but, and I say this in honesty, more pressing business awaited...

In the evening after the successful hacking of the Chicago mobster, armed with ultra-heavy ammo – the briefings for Hillary, secret documents, nominal tables about spies and operations, I transmitted my first signal.

On the usual channels of communication with the FBI, via William Bastone, the administrator of the site "The Smoking Gun", I transmitted all these documents, sanitized and purified of meta-data, with the following unequivocal message:

"I will send these documents to all major newspapers in the world, in the next 43200 seconds."

The twelve hours I thought were enough that the information reached all the crucial decision factors, and realise the withdrawal of American and British agents from uncomfortable positions on the map.

The next morning, Romanian time 900, hundreds of emails with links leading to a Google Drive, were machine-gunned from the battleships of anonymous email accounts to top publications, press agencies, news portals from the whole world.

Nolens Volens, the great press trusts related TRUNCATED information from Hillary Clinton's emails, and CNN America, in prime time, presented this data.
Hillary Rodham Diana Clinton had already been replaced in January – two months before my revelations – by another democrat, John Kerry. In December 2012 she suffered a brain stroke, aspect which international press completely obfuscated.

As for myself, in June 2014, a Federal Court from Alexandria, VA, sent me to trial for the following crimes: informatic fraud, unauthorised access to data bases, aggravated identity theft, cyberstalking and obstructing (?) American justice. And one of the victims, you guessed it, was "The Vicious Sid" Blumenthal.

While the drama of my life was to find a source of income in an unhappy time, the "pressing" preoccupation of US Judge, Dana J. Bonte was conducting a case against me and sending me to face American justice!

As for the real villains, they will never be convicted in a world ran by the Occult Organisation of the Illuminatti.


Nota bene:

Marcel Lazar Lehel, aka Guccifer, has been in prison in Romania since January 2014. The United States Government has not demanded his extradition as yet.

Guccifer and his family are penniless and struggling to make ends meet, nevermind hire a decent lawyer to represent him. Even the prosecutor who put him in prison believes "seven years is a lot for a hacker."

His self-handled request for a retrial has been rejected by the court as unfounded last month.

Gabriela, his wife, has started a defense fund in the form of a US dollar account with the local bank and she invites everyone who profited from his crimes to contribute generously.

Lazar Gabriela
Raiffaisen Bank
Arad, Romania
IBAN: RO12RZBR0000060017663489

Matei Rosca 
London E1, UK 


Ref: http://cryptome.org/2015/06/guccifer-letter-01.htm